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Omer RS fan Top en Twel

Brandus 345SP x Jochem 259P x Ritske 202P x Meint 196

||Omer RS fan Top en Twel
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Modern Sports Athlete

The ONLY stallion APPROVED for breeding in WA by the KFPS.  The FIRST Friesian in WA to achieve the “Sport” predicate.  A true modern sport friesian.

Ster+Pref*6/Model+Pref*6/Model+Pref+Prestm*8/Ster/Model+Pref/Pref/Stb (Koosje)

Fee $1650 inc GST LFG

Omer RS fan Top en Twel
Omer RS fan Top en Twel
Some Career Highlights:

At 2015 NSW Keuring he had a daughter from Kendall Park become Ster with a 2nd Premium and also the NSW Overall State Champion

At 2015 WA Keuring he had a daughter become 1st Premium and awarded “Best Bred Australian Foal in WA”

Another daughter became high 2nd premium, narrowly missing a 1st and awarded “Best Australian Bred Horse in WA”

His son became the LEVH IBOP Cup Reserve Champion at the 2015 WA Keuring

Selected for the 2014 Equestrian Australia WA State Development Dressage Squad

2015 WA Friesian Keuring KFPS judging Panel renewed his Breeding Permit

2013 Official Medium Dressage Champion

In 2012 Omer was granted the SPORT predicate by the KFPS, an honourary recognition of an official title added to his name to indicate that he is a successful Sport Friesian achieving exemplary scores in the higher levels of Dressage

Debut at Official Medium Dressage seen him post test scores in excess of 72% from the judge with clean flying changes!!

First presented progeny awarded “Best Bred Australian Friesian WA” at 2011 ANZFHS Keuring

2011 BLUEFIELDS RISING STAR WINNER: For horses in their first year of Official competition run over 12 months with the highest aggregate combinations invited to a final competition


2011 WA STATE CHAMPION: NOVICE FREESTYLE . Winning score of 77.811%.  One judge scoring him a massive 81%!

Albany Southern Solstice Dressage 2011 (first official comp since import) OFFICIAL PRELIMINARY CHAMPION and OFFICIAL NOVICE CHAMPION.  Scores over 70%

2010 Margaret River Dressage Spectacular Omer RS became the 6yr old Young Dressage Horse Winner

Associate Preliminary Champion with scores over 76% in classes at 2010 Margaret River Dressage Spectacular

Omer’s debut Dressage competition score was over 73% and Associate Preliminary Champion

Regarded by Eastern States Judges as “the finest Friesian Horse in Australia perfectly built for Dressage with much cadence, elasticity, and spring in his gaits” Gisela

A 70-day Performance tested Stallion himself

Rated in the top 2% of the Friesian Breed

The only Stallion in WA with KFPS Breed Permit

A product of the 2 undisputed finest stam lines in Friesian history Stam 25 and Stam 50

Completed IBOP Test with neccessary high score of 77 points

The most successful Friesian Breeding stallion in Australia for Embryo Transfers.  Omer is the breeder’s preferred choice

Omer RS fan Top en Twel
Omer RS fan Top en Twel
Omer RS fan Top en Twel
Omer RS fan Top en Twel
Omer RS fan Top en Twel
Omer RS fan Top en Twel
Omer RS fan Top en Twel

Epitome of Modern

Stunning Elegance

Omer RS is the son of Brandus 345, the Friesian Stallion Champion of 1997 & 1998 and Reserve Champion in 1999 & 2003. Brandus 345 has received a 1st Premium every year at the stallion inspection.  He is from the famous Stam 50, which has produced more than 25 Approved Stallions. Brandus competed Z2 Dressage in Holland. He has sired 4 approved KFPS breeding Sires – Rindert 406, Tsjitse 387, Brend and Tsjarbring 429, plus others through his daughters. The stallions Brend, Tsjarbring, and one of his daughters (Tjeske) are actively competing in the subtop level of Dressage and above (ZZ light) and many of his other progeny are doing very well in regional dressage competitions. This is a very special achievement for a Friesian Stallion.

Omer RS was selected for the Stallion Inspection in 2007 and not only did he make it through the 3rd Round, he was also invited to the 70 Day Performance Testing. Only the very best of Friesian stallions are invited to this prestigeous testing.  He completed 50 days of this test and missed out on his Studbook License by less than a split hair before he was even 3 years old, requiring more time to mature! Omer was extremely popular in Holland and his owners did not want him to leave the country, those that know him, also know of his great potential and what a difficult decision it was to allow him to leave Holland. Therefore, we had a very hard time trying to convince his owners to let him come and live with us in Australia.

Omer RS is currently one of only three Friesian Stallions in Australia with a Breeding Permit that was also actually good enough to be invited to the Performance Test, this is a huge acomplishment for any Friesian Horse and puts Omer RS in the top 2% of his breed worldwide and an even more signifcant gain for the future of Friesian breeding in Australia.

He carries a very rare and valuable pedigree, one that is cherished by the Dutch breeders. He is a descendant of the Vesta Line, a line that is renown in Holland for producing the top quality, highly sought after Friesian horses – a pedigree which people seek out for the inclusion of “Vesta”.  Vesta is a mare who produced the Approved Stallion Wybren 236, and is the mother of Janna, Aukje D and Fransisca D, all who are Model+Preferent daughters.  She also produced the Model mares Hilde D., and Maintsje D. as well as the Ster+Preferent mares Paula D. and Wietske.  Wietske is the mother of Teake 273.  Klavervrouw is Omer’s 6th Generation mother and the mother of Approved Stallion Eelke 183 (Sire of Ritske 202 Preferent), and Klavervrouw’s daughter, Ster+Preferent mare Thali is the mother of Ulrig 204.

Omer RS is from Stam 25 (Koosje), a line which has produced the second highest number of Approved Studbook Stallions, coupled with Omer’s Sire, Brandus 345, who is from Stam 50, the number one producing line of Approved Sires, Omer’s pedigree truly is Star Studded and one of the greatest.

Omer’s full sister is the mare Rikst R.S. She is a Kroon mare with the sport predicate and is now also Preferent. Rikst competes at Z1 dressage and still finds time for breeding fabulous foals and teaching young children to ride. Rikst passed her IBOP examination with a whopping score of 83 points.  Rikst R.S. now also has a son who is invited to the Autumn Stallion Licensing Performance Test! It’s all in the family genetics.  Omer RS also has a brother exported to the USA for a dressage career.

Omer RS fan Top en Twel
Omer RS fan Top en Twel
Omer RS fan Top en Twel
Omer RS fan Top en Twel
Kendall Park Friesians

Stud Contract

Omer RS fan Top en Twel
Kendall Park Friesians

Breed Paper

KFPS Main Foalbook Ster+Sport+Permit
Omer RS fan Top en Twel
Omer RS fan Top en Twel
Kendall Park Friesians

The Breeders Choice

Omer RS fan Top en Twel