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Jack Sparrow KP

Dries 421S x Doaitsen 420S x Leffert 306SP x Naen 264P

||Jack Sparrow KP
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Sport x Sport x Sport+Preferent x Preferent Sire line

Traditional and Talented

Standing at 166cm, Jack is a big boned, more Baroque type friesian horse, but nevertheless has shown to still have the talent and ability of a modern type friesian.  He is very much an active competitor in the sport of dressage, his rock solid character and fun loving ‘can-do’ attitude makes him an absolute pleasure to be proud to ride in public.  In his spare time he also likes to dabble in some basic trick training.

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Some Australian Highlights:

70.0% (1st) P1.2 Bunbury Dressage April 2016

71.538% (2nd) P1.2 Bunbury Dressage April 2016

72.89% (1st) Prep E Bunbury Dressage April 2016

68.18% (2nd) P1.1 Margaret River Dressage April 2016

66.54% P1.2 Margaret River Dressage April 2016

68% (1st) P1.2 Bunbury Dressage March 2016

70% (1st) Prep B Bunbury Dressage March 2016

Champion Prelim Dressage Sue Gala Memorial 2015

Champion Colt/Stallion WAECI  2013

High-Point Winner Heavy Horse CCHS  2013

Champion Colt/Stallion Pinjarra 2013

Champion Colt/Stallion Manjimup 2013

Champion Colt/Stallion Collie 2013

Baroque Beauty

Bone & Strength

Jack Sparrow KP is a full-papered imported in utero colt.  He is the son of my Crown mare Rixt Z. who has already produced the 2011 WA Reserve State Champion Friesian as a yearling filly (Isis PJ),  plus twin ET fillies by Omer R.S fan Top en Twel, one who became the 2015  ANZFHS Best Bred Friesian horse WA.

Jack has some of the most sought after modern dressage genetics of this era in his breeding.  His sire Dries 421 was confirmed on statistical data (at time of writing) as the best breeding stallion in the world!  Quite a title to have, but once you take a look at his statistics it is clear to see why it is undisputed.  Dries is also a son of the famous Preferent Dressage Friesian Jasper 366 Sport.

On his mother’s side, Jack’s breeding is just as impressive.  His Dam is Rixt Z, a Crown mare, she is top of the top when it comes to Friesians’ quality status.  Rixt is also the winner under saddle of competition Friesian Horse With Dressage Talent in Holland and has a brother who is an approved stallion in Italy, another sister who is Crown, and a sister who is Model.

Jack Sparrow comes from Stam line 214. It began with the mare Frieda and her Ster daughter Loesje in 1975. Stam 214 is a very strong line with many Preferent mares already in its short history, the strength of this mare line is shown by the number of high quality horses that stem from it and more importantly this family of mares has already produced a Studbook Stallion, SJOUKE 453.  Normally breeding of this quality takes many decades to produce an eventual worthy Studbook stallion, Jack’s family has done it in just a few!

Jack has begun his sport career with tremendous flair, averaging 70%+ in his Prep and Prelim tests and already with multiple Championship titles to his name.  Although he is a heavier bodied friesian horse, it is his mind that is his best feature.  Jack is very mentally talented and loves to work, this high drive to work and please makes Jack a great partner to train with as he enjoys his job as much as he enjoys being social with company.  His paces are now starting to get stronger and the balance is also coming, I look forward to the future ahead with Jack, he is a perfect partner!

I am so proud that when I take Jack to a competition, he is the horse that everyone whispers “Oooohhh…he is so well behaved” and we are so proud to be in the arena, Jack is always there right next to me, making me proud with his superior behaviour.

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Jack Sparrow KP

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Jack Sparrow KP

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