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Oneischa Rixt KP

Omer R.S. fan Top en Twel x Doaitsen 420 x Leffert 306
Stam 214

2017 Filly by Wimer 461 “Daphne KP”

Height 167cm
Registration: 201203970
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Oneischa Rixt KP Friesian Ster mare by Omer RS fan Top en Twel.  Oneischa is a very special mare for several reasons. She is the daughter of my Crown mare Rixt Z who is no longer here. She also has a twin sister, Omaeije Rixt KP who was born 3 weeks before her. Both fillies were conceived on a double ovulation by Rixt, a successful flush and successful transfer into 2 seperate recipient mares.

Most recently Oneischa became a Ster mare with a 2nd Premium at the 2017 WA Keuring.  She also became the Reserve State Champion for the year and the Best Australian Bred Horse at the same event.

Oneischa’s breeding means that she has all the same breeding priviledges as a main studbook breeding mare. Because she is 1st generation B Book 1. This means I can use frozen semen from a Studbook Stallion and Oneischa’s progeny will be eligible for the main studbook because she has 3 generations of main studbook breeding behind her on the mother line.

The motherline of Oneischa is really quite special, a story on its own worth the time to read and appreciate a little background about this fabulous new Ster mare.  Anyone who has the privilege to own a relation to my beautiful Rixt will know how treasured these horses are.


  • 2017 WA Reserve Champion

  • 2017 Best Australian Bred Horse WA Keuring
  • 2015 Best Australian Bred Horse WA Keuring
  • 2013 Overall Champion Friesian Narrogin Ag Show
  • 2013 Champion AORB Busselton Ag Show
Oneischa Rixt KP Friesian Ster Mare Kendall Park


Rixt is an imported full papered KFPS Crown mare.  There were currently (at time of writing) only 2 other permanent Crown mares in Australia, and Rixt is the first Crown mare in history to come to Western Australia and the first mare ever to be imported already having her Crown predicate.

Rixt is an image of her sire, daughter of the well known 1st premium approved stallion Doaitsen 420 Sport who is the Reserve Champion of HK 2009 and the current most popular stallion of today with over 450 breedings in the 2009 season.  He is also the sire of dressage stallion Sake 449 and Sjouke 453.  Sjouke 453 is from the same Stam (mother) line as Rixt, so she is very closely related to some powerful horses.

Rixt comes from a short Stam line 214. It began with the mare Frieda and her Ster daughter Loesje in 1975. Stam 214 is a very strong line with many preferent mares already in its short history, the strength of this mare line is shown by the number of high quality horses that stem from it and more importantly this family of mares has already produced a Studbook Stallion, SJOUKE 453!!! Normally breeding of this quality takes many decades to produce an eventual worthy Studbook stallion, Rixt’s family has done it in just a few!

At 3 months of age Rixt was awarded a 2nd Premium as a foal, for the next 3 years in a row Rixt has been given the highest honour of 1st premium. In 2008 she was entered into the adult studbook with a 1st Premium Ster and the next year 6.5 months after foaling she completed her IBOP test with a score of 78 points and at the Central Mare Keuring was undisputedly declared a Crown Mare and placed 4th in her group – the very highest of titles any Friesian mare can be awarded that is under 7 years of age! This puts Rixt at the top of her breed!

Rixt was the winner of the ridden competition “Friesian Horse with Dressage Talent”.  Then at 10 months pregnant she competed in her first official dressage competition at L1.  She scored 192 points for her first test, and 199 points for her second test, both of these scores were good enough to win her third place.

The mother of Rixt Z. is the Ster + Preferent mare Lena M. who currently has 8 foals. One daughter is Model, two daughters are Crown and one son is FPZV Approved Ster Stallion and was invited to complete the KFPS Performance Test (licensing for stallions).  Three foals are yet to have their adult keurings, but all have been awarded not less than 2nd Premium.

Rixt’s older sister, the KFPS model mare Anna Mieke Z. is mother to the 1st Premium colt Rutger Z., 2nd Premium colts Murk Z. and Tygo Z. plus 2nd Premium filly Anna Meike Z.

Machteld Z. the KFPS Crown mare and sister to Rixt Z., is yet to have a foal.

Ster + Preferent mare Leelke is the mother of Lena M. (Ster + Pref.) and the Grandmother of Rixt Z., Leelke has two first premium Ster daughters, one is Preferent, and two 2nd premium Ster daughters.  Leelke is the sister of Ster mare Mariska who is the Great Great Grandmother of Sjouke 453.There is also a strong breeding for the sport predicate in this mare line, with several horses who have already gained this award.

One of the most difficult times of my life was when this beautiful mare was taken from this earth, she was part of my heart and soul, and it saddens me to know that she is gone each time I think of her. I cherish her progeny who are still here, with more sentimental value than ever and are forever grateful to Rixt that she has left me with a little piece of herself to remember her by each day.

Rixt Z.  Crown Mare

Rixt Z. Friesian Crown Mare Kendall Park
Rixt Z. Friesian Crown Mare Kendall Park
Rixt Z. Friesian Crown Mare Kendall Park
Oneischa Rixt KP Friesian Ster Mare Kendall Park
Oneischa Rixt KP Friesian Ster Mare Kendall Park
Oneischa Rixt KP Friesian Ster Mare Kendall Park